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I Lost 160 Lbs. Without Breaking a Sweat

When I hear people complain about their weight, I can sympathize. I mean, I’m still not a thin guy in 2019. I tip the scales at around 230 pounds, and there is no way I can call myself skinny, even at 6 feet tall. But I used to be much worse off. In January of […]

80% Diet + 20% Exercise = 0% Evidence

These are three common statements regarding the disproportional impact of nutrition on body composition that are bandied around so frequently many people accept them as fact. While they make great sound bites and appear logical under brief examination, what do any of them look like when applied to your lifestyle? What changes do you make […]

How I Transformed My Body in a Year

I’ve lost 40 lbs and am at 10–12% body fat. I’ve never been the athletic type, and I never considered my body as being strong. I wanted to let you know that you can reach your fitness goals with a few tips from this article. If you’re trying to lose a lot of weight, the big number […]

The Healthiest People in the World Don’t Go to the Gym

If you want to be as healthy as possible, there are no treadmills or weight machines required. Don’t just take my word for it — look to the longest-lived people in the world for proof. People in the world’s Blue Zones— the places around the world with the highest life expectancy — don’t pump iron, run marathons […]